How to improve your memory

How to improve your memory

How to improve your memory

How to improve your memory? Hey there readers! You may be searching the web regarding your memory issues. Here I have compiled many tips all together in this single article. You may figure out the effective and most suitable way to enhance or preserve your memory. The memory depends on the health of your body and the wellness of the brain. As age progresses you may have difficulty in remembering things and you may face severe memory issues.

This age-related memory deterioration may be due to grey or white matter diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, and several other neurological conditions. Genetics may also play a role in memory loss as in Alzheimer’s. Even your diet, nutrition and lifestyle has effects on your memory. You may be a student, a teacher, a doctor, an accountant or an actor. Some naturally have more ability to retain their known information from the brain. However, for some people, they face difficulty in remembering things and they have very poor memory. It would be frustrating for you to know that you have such a poor memory at school, college or at work. It may lead to depression, mental disability, and serious psychological problems.

This article might be helpful for those people. The below steps and tips are valuable for all types of students and working professionals. In whatever age group you may belong, the human brain has the ability to adapt to or change on a daily basis. It makes the statement, ‘ it’s difficult or impossible to train an old dog”, become false. Under appropriate stimulation, your brain to form new memory pathways and neuronal routes and alter the existing pattern of nerve routes and alter the capability of your brain. This is called neuroplasticity. The ability of neuroplasticity helps you to enhance your ability to learn new things and improve your memory retaining skills and increase cognitive learning.

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Below are the 15 evidence-based ways to enhance your memory power.

15 ways to improve memory

1. A good sound sleep

Many studies suggest that enhances your brain’s performance. A night of good sleep is suggested for enhancing your memory and remembering skills. Sleep is very important for the consolidation of your memories and converts short term memories into long-lasting memories. Health professionals suggest that to prevent sleep deprivation an average of 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep is required for an average adult every night.

It was evident that during the deepest stages of sleep the memory-enhancing activity takes place.

Don’t use phones or tabs or watch television for at least one hour before sleep. As the blue light emitted by these devices triggers wakefulness and may cause sleep deprivation.

Make a regular routine in your sleeping schedule and do not disturb your sleep cycle.

If you have any sleep problems, try to avoid caffeine. It may interfere with your sleep cycle. Even morning coffee might be sensitive to some people.

In many memory tests, subjects with good night sleep performed 20% well in the memory tests and the subjects who didn’t sleep that night.

2. Yoga and meditation

Meditation improves brains state and found to increase memory skills. Memory not only enhances not only body performance but also brains performance and memory.

Meditation is said to reduce stress, pain, blood pressure and improve memory power and has a positive impact on the brain’s activity.

In recent researches, meditation and yoga are said to increase the content of gray matter of the brain. The decreased gray matter is involved in poor memory and learning.

Regular meditation increases the ability to retain short term memories of every people no matter their age. It increases the spatial working memory. That is the ability to process information in the brain about the working objects in space.

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