What distinguishes a headache from a migraine?

When your head is in such intense pain and pressure, it can often be challenging to distinguish between a headache and a migraine.

One frequent type of discomfort that hits the head is a headache, which typically throbs. Tension, sinus, and cluster headaches are the three forms of headaches. 

How do headaches feel?

Each of the three has extremely different signs and causes.

Tension Headache- Stress, hunger, and eyestrain are typical triggers of tension headaches.

Sinus Headache The most common cause of sinus headache is an illness, which causes your nasal passages to swell.

Cluster Headache Cluster headaches are the most severe sort of headache and can be caused by excessively bright lights, great heights, or intense exercise.

How do migraines occur?

Migraine headaches are characterized by intense pain and a throbbing or pulsating sensation.

It usually only affects one side of the brain and lasts for a few hours to many days at a time. Different things can set off a migraine and all of its accompanying symptoms in different people.

– Environment modifications – Industrialized meals and foods high in salt

The other causes of migraine may be

– Hormone changes – Physical elements – Sleep deprivation – Sensory input – Stimulants are the other causes of migraine

Contraceptive pills and verapamils like nitroglycerin are only two examples of drugs with a reputation for triggering migraines.

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