The Top 10 Chinese Dishes to Soothe an Upset Stomach

Chinese food is delicious and can be very comforting, but some dishes may not be the best choice for an upset stomach. However, there are many Chinese dishes that can actually help soothe an upset stomach and provide relief from discomfort.

One of the best Chinese foods for an upset stomach is congee. This rice porridge is easy to digest and can help settle an upset stomach. It is often served plain or with added ingredients such as ginger, which can further aid in digestion and reduce nausea.

Another good option is steamed vegetables and rice. This simple dish is easy on the stomach and provides essential nutrients without adding further stress to the digestive system. Steamed vegetables are also high in fiber, which can help with digestion and provide relief from bloating and discomfort.

Ginger chicken soup is also a great choice for an upset stomach. The ginger helps to calm the stomach and reduce inflammation, while the broth provides much-needed hydration. The protein from the chicken can also help to stabilize blood sugar levels and provide energy when you may not feel like eating much.

It’s important to remember that portion size and cooking method also play a role in how well your stomach will tolerate the food. Opt for smaller portions and avoid dishes that are fried or high in fat, as these can further aggravate an upset stomach.

– Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins and keep your digestive system functioning properly.
– Avoid spicy and greasy foods: These can irritate an upset stomach and make symptoms worse.
– Eat smaller, more frequent meals: This can help prevent overloading your digestive system and provide a steady source of nutrients.
– Consider natural remedies: Ginger tea or peppermint tea can help alleviate nausea and reduce inflammation in the stomach.