The Non-Surgical Solution to Fixing Underbite

Underbite is a condition where the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth, causing an imbalance in the jaw. While surgery may be the most effective option for severe cases, there are non-surgical methods that can help fix an underbite.

One non-surgical option is orthodontic treatment. This involves using braces or clear aligners to gradually shift the position of the teeth and correct the underbite. It may take some time, but with consistent use, orthodontic treatment can effectively improve the alignment of the teeth and jaw.

Another non-surgical approach is using dental appliances such as a reverse-pull face mask or a chin cap. These devices work by applying gentle pressure to the jaw to encourage proper growth and alignment. They are often used in children who are still growing and developing.

In some cases, specific exercises and therapies may also be recommended to help improve the position of the jaw and reduce the severity of the underbite. Working with a skilled orthodontist or dentist can help determine the most appropriate non-surgical treatment plan for addressing an underbite.

– Orthodontic treatment, including braces and clear aligners
– Dental appliances such as reverse-pull face masks and chin caps
– Specific exercises and therapies to improve jaw alignment.