Comments on PCOS/PCOD Or Ovarian Cysts

Comments on PCOS/PCOD Or Ovarian Cysts

Comments on PCOS/PCOD Or Ovarian Cysts

A Few Comments on PCOS/PCOD Or Ovarian Cysts

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1. How are all certain women on youtube making videos on PCOS/PCOD Or Ovarian Cysts and hirsutism so perfect? Like I don’t see any indications, they have dense hair, flawless skin, and they literally shine. Is it that my PCOS is actually bad or IDK what it is? But can I more be like them with diet and essence?
I have light hair, acne, darkening of skin and hirsutism and severe ingrown ugh:((

Thanks to Nirogitan for helping me. ABBIE

2. If you have PCOS/PCOD and you’re enjoying eating and drinking all the diet foods and diet drinks accessible to you. Please quit drinking and eating them. PCOS/PCOD spirits our bodies ingest the chemicals in the diet drinks and diet foods separately and it makes our bodies create more testosterone which I didn’t get out until about 7-10 yrs later after seeking every single diet option out there. If I had identified that it was counteracting all my extreme need to lose weight I would have quit eating and drinking them so much sooner. Consume whole foods, not instant/ fast food/ carbohydrates make sure they are low GI suggested by Nirogitan. Hope this helps.


3. I am exhausted! I am tired of bleeding! I am so upset and nobody knows except Nirogitan!


4. I am feeling completely hopeless. My husband and I have been TTC for the past a year promptly. I have been set on metformin, Provera, and Clomid. I’m so depressed and frustrated took a test today 13 DPO and of course, it was negative caught one yesterday more negative. And no sign of AF yet though I’m thought to start tomorrow. It’s just so disheartening to require something so bad and as a woman to feel useless and literally everyone throughout me is getting pregnant. Sorry to be such a downer I just need some support.

Please help Nirogitan. CASIE

5. Did anyone of you undergo from diarrhoea from taking Metformin? I was diagnosed with PCOS just this Wednesday and I was directed to take Metformin. I began taking it yesterday (Thursday) and now my diarrhoea is so distressed. What’s the solution for this Nirogitan?


6. Consequently, I weighed myself today and I am at 230 pounds which is the highest I’ve ever been to. I require to start a PCOS Diet Plan but I have no trace on which one to do or how to begin one😔. Any of yall have any recommendations? Plz, I love food and it feels like I’m starving all the time😒.


7. With PCOS/PCOD it looks that even though I do economical carb diet and taking Metformin. I’m just not losing the weight! Something needs to be off. I’m contemplating doing Herbalife my friend is losing weight on it. Can you share with me what’s assisting you with weight loss, please? Anyone Taking?

Nirogitan I read this blog… Thanks again for all the responses. FELECIA

8. Accordingly, what’s the hardest any of you have gone without a period? My menstruation DO NOT START unless I perceive BC. if I took a BC pill today and I would instantly have a cycle within 2 days. If I don’t take BC pills I just don’t have one at whole. metformin didn’t benefit me, I took it for 8 months and all it did was cause me sick. I stop taking my BC pills in June and have not had a cycle since then. PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one, and what can I take bc I don’t seem like this is normal at all, all my doctor tells me is to improve my eating habits and try to lose weight.

Suggest Nirogitan! GAYLENE

9. Apple cider vinegar is helped for PCOS/PCOD patient? Tell me plz.


10. Anxiety. All the time. Pain in my belly, sides, ovaries, chest, arms, back, head, but presently in my legs. Tell me I’m not the only one with this.


11. I have noticeable hair loss, also darkening around my neck. I’m really bothered. I’m on medication metamorphic and Diane 35 and no modifications. don’t know what else to do.

Please help Nirogitan. INA

12. Okay, ladies, I require a little insight. My periods come every 2-2.5 months and last about 6 days. Now about 7 months ago, I went to my physician and had a sonogram done to take a glance at everything. There were tiny little circles in my sonogram but the nurse chalked it down to bile and when I asked her about an extra spot, she stated I was ovulating. I was screened for PCOS/PCOD to which my OBGYN nevermore stated that I have it though she said: “if you have a little chance of PCOS or PCOD, it’s not something that’s unreasonable or can affect conceiving.” Okay cool. My Gyno won’t examine medication for me until my lover goes to make sure he’s not the problem, even when I tell her that I just wanna concentrate on balancing my hormones and directing my periods, it’s still negative. My periods are still uneven and I had to take remedy for my period to come right before I was screened for PCOS or ovarian Cyst. I appear like I’m not getting the advice that I feel I should be getting and I don’t want to wait over late. What should I do Nirogitan?


13. Okay, so mysterious accomplishment But I haven’t had real full-fledged menstruation in YEARS, & last night I had light pink spotting & I believed to myself oh well it’s just gonna be spotting like it forever is gotten spotting on time for three months & my period is 4 days delayed until this daylight! My first actual period by myself no pills just supplements & vitamins😭❤️ I’m so pleased. I did this by Nirogitan & I’m so happy my body may start to normalize & my hormones may drive to level out but you’ll see these cramps hit & my heating pad stopped working.


14. Depression, anxiety, Stree and now continued on top my hormones are running. Life is a bitch right now. What to do Nirogitan?


15. Has anyone begotten ovarian cysts pain/burst? For three days now I’ve had intense pains on both sides off and on. No restrictions I had my period end week. And it’s like a sharp pain. But I have zero fever or anything else.


16. Has anyone other experienced from chronic hives? I’ve had them for 2 months presently (I have seen doctors and I’m a medical puzzle atm). I avoid blaming PCOS for everything, but I am interested. As of now the doctor’s aren’t certain what’s causing this. I’ve had 3 ER appointments in 5 weeks, now have to bring an epi-pen, exist on steroids, Zyrtec, and hydroxyzine. The only time I don’t have hives is when I’m proceeding prednisone. All my initial labs developed back inconclusive (because of steroids) for an autoimmune disorder. So we aren’t sure if it’s an alien allergy, autoimmune, or something else. I have to wait to observe the allergist in a few weeks.


17. I am 21 in university and performing well. I see a likely career for my self in the near prospect when I start working. I understand it only because I have worked so laboriously for it. But I worked very toughly to expect a fate like this. And I worked to have a pleasant life. But do I have to live my whole life believing twice to eat the food I like? Is this the point of life when people become concerned. I have gone for a carefree and comfortable living. But presently all I see is a lifetime of the blame for having something great. I wanted for a wonderful youth and needed to have a good experience. But now to be concerned all my life from such a young age. I can’t get myself around the fact of PCOS/PCOD or Ovarian Cysts. JUST SHARING To NIROGITAN MEMBERS.


18. Need amazing advice…At what period do you go to the clinic for bleeding? It’s been almost 2 months of continuous massive bleeding. I’m not owning any pain so I have just been blowing it off though I’m starting to notice concerned. I remember a lot of women with PCOS struggle with this I’m just questioning when is it too much?


19. I understand this might not be associated with PCOS/PCOD or Ovarian Cyst but does anyone in here experience from bile reflux? Dr diagnosed me a couple of weeks ago and described it’s another than acid reflux. If any of you do have it what supports you? I can’t eat I’ve lost like 41 pounds in 3 months.


20. Generally, the aforementioned sorta thing doesn’t hurt me but it’s all I can remember about. All of my close friends from high school are rising out baby number 4 and 5(like 6 of my friends). The most beloved of us are only 25 and they all have soo numerous babies that they didn’t even actually plan for or await. And here I am been seeking since June of 2018 and zero. We last one in November 2018 but definitely nothing but false faith since. I guess what really getting to me is the truth that they all are pregnant proper now or JUST had their baby. And 1 of them is on her 3rd baby daddy that she has just been with for 5 months. Why can’t I be such fertile? I know there was definitely no plan of a baby there although. Ugh. I’m just a little heartbroken I guess. But nobody in my knowledge really understands the struggle except nirogitan.


Top Comments on PCOS/PCOD Or Ovarian Cysts

21. I am suffering from PCOS!!! I hate everything with it except the most I hate about it is the HAIR… Throughout!!! Can anyone recommend epilators to use? I have one at the while but I find that it’s very uncomfortable I’ve read reviews online about a variety and I’m really torn on what to get… I’d prefer to get laser hair elimination but it’s way too pricey for my budget, sigh.


22. Welcome! I was just newly diagnosed and I was just looking for some advice. I was seeing into supplements to take and diets to try though I wasn’t certain what’s the most effective. I appreciate all the information at all.

Thank you Nirogitan. MADDIE

23. What vitamin/supplement combination do you necessitate? I just started nirogitan suggested turmeric, vitamin D, prenatal multi and chamomile tea. I’ve been considering adding berberine, saw palmetto and/or maca root.


24. Thus I’ve been using Inositol for almost three weeks promptly. I sense like I have a lot of power, but the weirdest thing is my loss of hunger. I’m a snack fanatic. Salty snacks particularly. Yet I’m hardly starving at all and have cut out snacks entirely. Even if inositol doesn’t help improve my cycle, it’s compelled to help me lose weight! I wish I understood about this nirogitan supplement a decade ago!


25. Hi, I have been newly diagnosed with what they think is PCOS or PCOD (I have all the symptoms and indications) … I’m 18 and I started practising BC a few days ago. I’m continuing to get a second opinion regarding this to see if the gynaecologist says the same thing as the first one. Is there any tips or tricks on treating PCOS. Not just taking birth control. (Other natural remedies as great) rather than taking birth control.


26. I’m am sure this has been asked many moments on here, but I’m not getting it scrolling.
Can y’all mail me pics of Myo-inositol or inositol y’all are taking? Currently on metformin and letrozole but not super pleased with my progesterone levels. Also, do you take this including or without metformin? As far as I know, I do not produce insulin resistance. Thank y’all so much Nirogitan!


27. Natural drinks to assist with weight loss? I’ve heard cucumber liquid with lemon juice! What else is out there nirogitan?


28. Issue: if you are taking the pill or been guided did you have your vitamin B levels tested or supplement with vitamin B12? Anybody else encountering vitamins, acupuncture, naturopathic things that made a dissent? Did it improve how you resembled at things and or help you? Rationalizing: I’ve seen a lot of posts about being guided birth control to help regulate or taking it. Which has a greater risk of lowering b12 levels? And I’ve noticed posts about difficulty losing weight, being very tired, no enthusiasm, anxiety, stress. I commenced birth control at 14 and stopped at 22 because each one I decided had a bad side effect. As I got older I kept increasing weight, I went to a naturopath and discovered I was sick on B12 and had MTHFR so lower on b6. Nirogitan guided B12 Supplements and an active form of b6, and in 3 months I dropped about 35 lbs. Curiosity: It took me many years to finally get nirogitan to look at this. And now I feel like I doubt and advocate a lot about vitamin levels and how important / the influence they have.


29. Hi all, I have been diagnosed with PCOS but my “barely” symptoms are polycystic ovaries, irregular and very painful menstruation, hirsutism but I don’t mind that extremely. (also depression but I manage that by Nirogitan stress management). I don’t have difficulties with acne, with weight or with hormones. I just got of surgery due to cyst rupture and I feel especially pumped to do something with my health to avoid these kinds of things again. I would love ANY information, tip, story or anything from you people. (only the natural ones tho). Waiting on your Comments on PCOS/PCOD Or Ovarian Cysts.

Thank you and have a nice day. PAMELIA

30. I’m pretty unique here except I have had my diagnosis for a while. I have constant ovarian cysts, but my blood levels all seem remarkably good. I am overweight and both my doctors that losing a lightweight might improve everything set. I can not appear to lose weight no concern what I do. I previously exercise regularly and eat a lovely healthy diet. I tried Keto and it kinda worked but I hit a plateau 1 months in. I stopped going for several more months and zero resulted from it. I want to know if there is anything else in Nirogitan that has helped you ladies lose amazing weight.


41. Hey ladies, do any of you have any knowledge with “water out” supplements?
My mom practised one because she was bloated with swollen fingers and she noticed it recoiled the ovarian cyst in her a lot and said it would maybe work for PCOS, I’m querying if any of you have tried this.


42. Hello, women, I have been diagnosed with PCOS 1 month ago. I don’t have any weight problem, my period is also normal and regular. They just got a small cyst at left ovary and informed me it’s PCOS. My doctor told me to start practising birth control- Diane 35 (which I don’t want to), for at least 4 months. To bypass taking this med. I told her I have an issue with Diane, she recommended another birth control. My problem is can there be another way to treat this than to take birth control? And secondly, if someone has the equivalent story, did your doctor suggested the same? NOTE: NO PEROID ISSUE OR WEIGHT ISSUES OR ANY SKIN ISSUES.
I have been trying to conceive for two years but no chance. I have thyroid issue too and currently taking its meds.!!!


43. I am so pleased! My mom is finally admitting me to encourage her with meal prepping and planning!!! She just discovered that I have PCOS (although I could have declared I described her about it years ago) and that is why I had tried with weight for so long. Then she shared with me that she had the equivalent symptoms when she was my age and younger but wasn’t ever super concerned regarding it as she evolves from a time where you just ignored symptoms. (Can anyone else relate?) Now as she is fighting with her weight and is inspired by my 81lb weight loss campaign, so she wants to try what worked for me! Yay!!

Do you all have these(pcos) conversations with your Mom? I feel it would have been a more natural and more rhythmic journey if we had had more open convos about PCOS. Do you obtain it simple to talk to your friends and family about what you are going through?


44. So messy! Diagnosed approximately 21years ago after my periods ended, body hair, hopelessness, low strength etc. Took BC and Spironolactone up unto last year. Dr required me off both due to span. Started to hold more hurtful over time. Went to a Practical Medicine doctor and had tons of tests. Surprisingly, my estrogen was healthy!! But my Testosterone and Progesterone low. Quantities of inflammation due to food allergies. And MTHFR gene has C677T mutation which causes disability to absorb B vitamins and messes up metabolism. This can also create PCOS like symptoms. Did I nevermore have PCOS?? I didn’t have ovarian cysts but had the rest of the symptoms. Now nirogitan want me to take 7 Salabrious Program which contains vitamins, supplements, whole food diet and Testosterone pellets.


45. Hi everyone, I’m 21 and several months ago I was diagnosed with PCOS. Currently, I’m not thinking about pregnancy and I certainly won’t plan it for any years. I have some symptoms of PCOS which I rebel, chiefly acne, but sometimes also fatigue, painful and terrible period (oestrous cycle abt 51days), hair loss, beginning to putting on weight. Certainly, my gin prescribed me birth control.

My question is:

Is it okay to cope with PCOS WITHOUT ANY BC? Generally, I sojourn fit, I eat healthily and have lots of natural activity etc… My testosterone is surprisingly high and I’m worried that I won’t lower the level of hormones only by nutritional diet etc. Any of you have expertise in completely natural treatment methods? Or is it only reasonable by combining, I mean bc + healthy lifestyle?

Thank you.  TAMEIKA

46. MY CYCLE IS BACK WITH IMPROVEMENTS. Thanks to NIROGITAN. So I had been practising Myo-inositol in a pill for about a cycle and a half… been on metformin for more extra years than I can remember. I’ve been holding a pretty harsh and stressful year and my cycle disappeared about 13 months ago, and all my symptoms got WAY more critical than ever. For the preceding few months, I’ve been gathering more and more about PCOS and joined every group I could discover. A month ago, tired of feeling exhausted and crappy and hairy and gaining weight like stupid no matter what I did to withdraw it, I determined to go all in. I got the Ovasitol supplement (cause I knew it was better than the other brands and the pill form) I noticed the maca powder, vitamin D, folic acid, and magnesium and cut out dairy products, sugar and gluten. Thanks to nirogitan finally provide the best blog on PCOS/PCOD and ovarian cysts.


47. I must say I instantly felt better, my mood improved, I didn’t feel the need to nap anymore, I wasn’t as exhausted, my skin looks good, hairy parts are better and on BLack FRIDAY I got my period back!!! I couldn’t even assume it! Now, I’ve had the most serious cramps ever and a very large flow… so the joy and happiness are a bit spoiled. But I’m still smiling!!! I thought I should tell you all in case anyone is where I was a month ago. Love to you all loved NIROGITAN and members. You have helped me more than anyone previously.


48. Hello everyone! I’m new here. I’ve perpetually experienced symptoms of PCOS but never glanced into it. Latterly visited a gyne ( probably one of the best where I live) and he admitted that I am showing signs of PCOS but I haven’t prepared the UltraSound and Blood Test to verify. Nevertheless, he prescribed Medroxy for 14 days concurrently with Metformin and then I am to go on Lindynette for 21 days and then I return Medroxy for 6 cycles. P.s. I lately turned 20 by the way and none of my close channels has PCOS so it’s somewhat new to me. Has anyone regularly used Medroxy, Lindynette etc? This is the initial time I’m gathering about this. I recognise that diet and exercise is necessary which I am going on but any advice?

Thanks In Advance! Have a great day everyone. CARLEE

49. Does anyone have a strong story of becoming pregnant by doing a balanced diet, taking natural vitamins and supplements and doing acupuncture?


50. Well, a month ago surgeon told me I can no hard take microgynon due to troubles … had an ultrasound scan current week and was told to obtain an appointment with the doctor to review the results.
Today he as put me following on microgynon as both ovaries are inflamed and I have lots of polycystic follicles. 😥 😥 😥


51. I’m on day 5 of taking ‘Plan’ prenatal vitamin and I’m previously starting to get light pains and an achy lower back.  I’m feeling very lucky guys so hopefully, Nirogitan is on its way! For any of y’all who don’t know or read reviews on it, it’s treated women get pregnant who have been trying for years and has accommodated women with irregular periods get organised and ovulate!

Thanks to Nirogitan. CALLIE


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