Low-calorie diet for a PCOD women.

While weight gain is a typical side effect of PCOD weight loss can be difficult for people with the condition. 

Given that there is no known treatment for PCOS, research suggests that maintaining a healthy weight can help manage the symptoms. 

PCOS strict diet for weight loss, along with a list of foods to stay away from and professional advice on how to lose weight for PCOS. Here are some ideas on what to eat every day for a week.

Monday: Breakfast - Poha, orange juice, chicken salad sandwich Lunch - Brown rice,  jeera rice, cabbage, lentil dal curry Snack - Low-glycemic fruits Dinner - wheat dosa with roasted chutney.

Tuesday: Breakfast - vegetable oats, red rice. Lunch - brown rice, beetroot, dal, curd, wheat pasta with vegetables Snack - Roasted chana, millet cookies Dinner -chapatis/Rotis with  salads.

Wednesday: Breakfast - cottage cheese and peaches Lunch - meatloaf, honey ginger, carrots Snack - granola bar, bananas, grapes Dinner - broccoli cheddar soup, saltines

Thursday: Breakfast - strawberry protein shake with creamy almond butter Lunch - Salmon salad with fresh fruit Snack - Hummus and carrot sticks Dinner - Italian herb salmon with broccolini

Friday : Breakfast - Egg whites and saute kale Lunch - Turkey, and avocado on sourdough Snack - Almonds and dried cranberries Dinner - Boiled salmon with asparagus

Saturday: Breakfast - Rolled oats with banana Lunch - Chicken salad with romaine, arugula, tomatoes Snack - Carrot sticks and blueberries Dinner - stuffed peppers with roasted sweet potato

Sunday: Breakfast - Scrambled egg whites and grapefruit Lunch - Shrimp salad over romaine sprinkled with lime Snack - Celery sticks Dinner - Cajun shrimp with rice and kale

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