How to be healthy for life time by my simple routine?

In this webstory we are going to see how to maintain healthy for life time by following some simple steps.


Many people today ignore their health by eating a lot of junk food, getting little sleep, not following a healthy diet, skipping daily exercise, and not indulging in meditation


In order to maintain our good health for the rest of our lives, we must get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. It gives our thoughts new life.

Yoga, Meditation

Then, we must engage in morning exercises like yoga, meditation, and jogging. This lessens stress while keeping us occupied.

 Fruits and vegetables

We must eat more protein-rich foods, as well as more fruits, green vegetables, and juices.

Every morning, we must consume eggs, sprouts, and a few dry fruits. We need to eat light, healthful meals every day.

Dry Fruits

Junk Foods

We have to avoid junk foods, fatty foods and stop eating imported foods. We also need to stop consuming alcohol and smoking because they can lead to cancer or other diseases.

Drinking Water

We must drink at least 2 litres of water daily since it aids in cleansing our bodies of pollutants. Additionally, drinking water will leave our faces glowing and acne-free.


To keep our bodies in shape, we need to engage in regular activities like sports, swimming, jogging, and walking. It keeps our heart in good condition.


Being happy is also a part of healthy living. To enable happiness, we always have to think positively. So, to maintain a healthy life, we have to follow these simple

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