How to be happy in just 1 min

In this hectic world, people should seek happiness. Everyone has different types of happiness; one person prefers to sit and listen to music.

While another prefers to explore the world in pursuit of pleasure. This web story helps to find happiness in just a minute.

Few quick ways to be happy:

1.Listen to relaxing music.

This helps to freshen your thoughts and allows you to forget about everything that is bothering you.

2.Watch comedy shows or movies.

Seeing those will cause you to experience brief happiness, and it will improve your mood quickly.

3. Meditate

Too many distractions might drain your vitality and make you feel down. Your phone's timer should be set for 45 seconds.

Lean back, relax your shoulders, focus on deep breathing, and close your eyes without thinking about anything.

Focus on deep Breath

4. Make a brief list of people to thank.

Perhaps you experience sadness because you feel underappreciated. The gratitude you receive is inversely correlated with the appreciation you provide.

Name at least five individuals who showed you kindness recently. Before the day end, make sure you call or send them a letter.

5.Remember your loved one.

Perhaps the stress of the day has left you feeling empty and alone. Remember the joyful experiences you shared with the person you love the most.

Because memories are so potent, just thinking about them may make you feel cozy and also makes you calm.

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