How can depression be prevented naturally?

The quality of life and happiness of persons who live with depression can be severely affected and drastically altered. It is also a typical ailment.

An estimated 15 million Americans endure anxiety and depression each year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Regular exercise is one of the best things anyone can do for their mental health. As a result of raising body temperature, the nervous system is calmed.

Endorphins and other chemicals are released, which can improve mood. It lowers immune system hormones that could make sadness worse.

Converse with the person who makes you feel safe. Spend time with folks who quiet your heart and help you forget everything, including using your phone, and stay away from poisonous people.

The ideal people to spend time with are those that you can talk to without looking at your phone. They make you forget using your phone.

Excessive social media use can trigger or worsen sadness and low self-esteem. Avoiding social media is important

By removing certain apps or placing a time restriction on how long the application may be used, one can avoid social media. Both physical and mental health depends on getting enough sleep. 

Depression is a result of insufficient sleep. To do so: Two hours before going to bed, avoid looking at any screens (even your phone!)

Have a comfy mattress and do your meditation before bed. Don't drink caffeine after midday to sleep peacefully.

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